Norcross Electricity

Every city in the world is dependent on electricity to run most of the things around the house, to provide light at night, warmth in the cold seasons and to turn on an use simple household appliances like the toaster, microwave oven and other useful electronic devices like the TV or Radio. No city is any different.

The city of Norcross, Georgia is situated in Gwinnett County and is as much alike to any other urbanization as any when it comes to electricity. The people need it, so the city and city officials must oblige this basic need that separates this century from so many others in humanity’s past.

Norcross receives its electrical power from the same source as the entire region of Georgia. This electric utility offers power to inhabitants of the whole area under contract. Norcross is an associate of the Municipal Electric Associate of Georgia, making the city a member of the so-called MEAG Power.

MEAG Power sells electricity to the city of Norcross which, in turn, sells it to every household separately. This means that every person that pays the electric bill pays indirectly to the main electric utility company for the service. There are around 4,000 customers in Norcross that are beneficiaries of the electrical distribution within city limits. This is supported by a series of electric lines that have a total length of 84 miles.

The city of Norcross had its original electric distribution built in the year 1973, being established back then by a series of territorial agreements. The region that is provided with electricity is set upon physical city limits. However Norcross is able to provide electric service to customers that are not directly in the city, but in the immediate outer region, and only if the consumption would surpass 900kW. This could also be a determining factor for growth in customer numbers.

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