News in Norcross Georgia

Norcross is a city in the state of Georgia that has announced that it plans on housing Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc and its warehouse facilities. This is a very big deal for the economic progress of Norcross Georgia. The giant construction equipment manufacturer has recently been based out of Chicago Illinois and its operations cover many areas in North, South, and Central America. The company manufacturers over 28 different models of construction equipment including forestry machines as well as wheel loaders and the move to Norcross is expected to generate many jobs for this city in Georgia. Hyundai moved from Chicago based on a number of reasons including the fact that Norcross GA offers much in terms of prime real estate locations. The company’s location in Norcross also is very close to the major highways running through the state of Georgia. The friendly community and charm of the city may be another reason that the giant corporation decided to move there. If you are ever visiting this city in Georgia you can experience the loving community for yourself.

The Hyundai Construction corporation is expected to be fully operational in Norcross by the end of 2011 as construction of headquarters is underway and has been going great. The construction of several buildings is planned including office space, finance and sales departments in addition to manufacturing facilities. Many residents of the city are thrilled because of the move as it will generate much needed jobs and add to the city’s economic progress leading to a more stable place to live for these residents. Though the city is already experiencing a good level of stability in terms of its economy, the move of Hyundai to Norcross is expected to give the city more of a name and increase the number of visitors to the city bringing in more revenue.

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